Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Learning the Lingo of the modern child

Until recently I convinced myself that at 31 I was still "cool" and "trendy" but my 9 year old forever changed that for me and destined me to the generation that just simply "did not understand".

Ibrahim (or Ibby for short) is my amazingly gorgeous and out spoken 9 year old. He is super confident, very clever and though I am biased, he is stunning with his chocolate brown eyes and gorgeous all year round tan that a sunbed can't replicate. He has just turned 9 in August and has currently gone into year 5. He is the youngest (and shortest) of the year but you wouldn't know as he has blossomed since he started school in Reception. He is also a Young Carer to me and helps me about the house and with his little sister - he literally has a heart of gold.

Well...... anyway I am steering away from my lost "coolness" and going into talking about how fantastic Ibby is, which could take all night if you allowed me to.

I like to sit down with Ibby all the time and talk to him about what is going on with his life, his school, friends, interests etc. He has always been my little boy but this summer he seemed to grow up. I can no longer used the word cool - instead the "in" word is sick. SICK? I thought that represented foul vomit but no, apparently it means something that is beyond any coolness I might have expected. It's all sick and bad in my house now when Ibby seems to enjoy something. Even when I try to use the words he looks at me like I am an embarrassing mum who should be hidden away in the shadows. I thought I was being "sick" by using all of the lingo that he used with friends but I guessed wrong. Not only that but what is with the words INNIT BLUD!?! I hate it - it makes me think of the stereotypical Essex chav wearing an all white tracksuit with a ciggie hanging out of their mouth - not something that I want my child to be saying! i had to put my foot down on those words as I cringe every time I hear them.

I think I am going to finally have to accept the fact that I am not as youthful as I thought, put away my partying stilettos and get out my comfy slippers. not to worry - I have a lovely cocoa to get me through the night and a blanket in case I get cold...... I am most certainly not what my son would call "sick".

Not to worry - even after all that last night Ibby came up to my bed whilst I was in there with a migraine. He gave me a cuddle and told me I couldnt be anymore supermum to him if I tried, so that is enough to keep a smile on this old bird's face.