Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Toddler Terrible Twos? Oh it continues into the threes!

So every parent is warned about terrible twos - that awful stage where your suddenly angelic child turns into a little monster overnight. Those with children, do you know what I mean? No? Just wait and if yes.....well you can understand completely me I am sure.

My daughter was that little Princess - a smile that could melt the hearts of millions and a quiet little personality. Then she turned 2.................DIVA! My still gorgeous little madam had turned into a diva overnight. Sleepless nights resumed again and the word NO became commonplace in our house - both from myself telling her no and from Amber saying it back to me whenever I requested anything. So there I was, a tired mess from no sleep, competing with a 2 year old who could run away from me faster than I could hobble after - it was interesting times and we both learnt alot from each other. Don't get me wrong -she was still my princess but she was a princess with attitude. I had met my contender - she was me but with cute dimples and eyes that sparkled in a way no amount of makeup was going to cover these eyes drowning with black bags. She also has her daddy wrapped around her little pinky so I always felt (and still do) like I am playing good cop bad cop - guess which one I am.

So last Friday Amber turned 3 - aha the magical number. It meant that the terrible twos were over and diva amber would forget the word NO and be magically complacent. But no - she hasnt and I realised something I knew all along. She is exactly how I want her, diva attitude and all. She is a fantastic little girl with a very confident attitude and a smile that lights up a room. She is very popular at nursery, comes home with fantastic reports and she is as clever as can be. Not to mention she is super cute.

Don't let me lie - I am still sleep deprived but every sleepless moment is spent thinking how blessed I am to have two amazing, gorgeous children - they are DIVALICIOUS!