Saturday, 15 February 2014

Absentee Blogger

Wow  - I have been away for a long time haven't I? All I can do is apologise and say that life has been busy around the Christmas period and our family life has just quietened down -well to a level that any family would class normal.

I have come out of hospital recently so I have been doing lots of resting at home - it seems that I am now, alongside everything else, nutrient deficient. This means that the nutrients from food are not absorbing into my body properly so I have been given medication to help the absorption process. Hopefully it's doing it's job but only time will tell.

I hope that you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. It was predictably extremely busy here. I had two excited children who were absolutely mesmerised by the fact that Father Christmas was coming. They assured me this would be happening as they had been very good over the year - I felt it imprudent to point out the many occasions that I could disagree with this - oops. but they loved all of the presents that they received and on Christmas Day they were stuffed full of Christmas food and enough sugar to supply a small Jam factory. Between Christmas and New Year we had the inevitable large amounts of leftover food to keep us going without having to leave the house, except for milk and bread.

The main thing that I can report to you for the start of 2014 is that Mike and I have decided to start exploring alternative medicines for my Fibromyalgia. The painkillers that I am on only mask the pain - they are not helping my condition, so there has been no improvement in 7 years. We have looked towards America for suggestions as to what to try because their development in the field of Fibromyalgia treatment is currently more advanced than the UK. I have decided to try 3 medications to see how they will benefit me and I will report to you with my progress. I am also on the Actidiet weight loss programme and so far this week I have lost 13lbs. The less I weigh means the less impact put on my joints which should also show a benefit to me.

For now wish me luck and I will write more.